Symbolic Sight Readings

 Symbolic Sight Readings:  Tarot and Astrology and Dreams

There’s a guiding force in the universe that is expressed through signs and symbols. These signs and symbols are embedded in many tradtions, and very powerfully through the Tarot, the Kabalah, Astrology and your dreams. Through these media you can unlock the language of your own internal symbolic universe and in turn connect to an outer Universe.

Symbolic sight is the ability to use intuition to interpret the symbols of power in your life. These symbols are important because the soul speaks in a language of sign and symbol — for what is FELT.  Re-connect and re-member the original language of your soul; the original language of signs and symbols in a reading with Pamela.

 Individual sessions are open to those seeking clarity and focus. A reading reveals the place where a forward movement is blocked, thereby freeing us to act



Find Your Guiding Star

Take a powerful step for yourself and focus your energy as you move into this next millennium. The energetic threshold created by a special planetary alignment is the basis of a unique Tarot and Astrological reading that Pamela is offering. This reading asks six questions that create an energetic six-pointed star to guide choices that accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. Kindly call for an appointment.

Dream Work

 Come to know your own dream symbols, a language that interacts with life and provides guidance and counsel. Pamela acts as a guide in the process of exploring your own individual dreamscapes.

Private; in-depth sessions $60

Dream group session (3-5 people) $30

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