About Reverend Pamela Wylie

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom taking the world into my arms.

–Mary Oliver

Rev Pamela Wylie; Teacher, Guide and Celebrant 

Pamela Wylie, celebrant, guide and storyteller is devoted to helping individuals Re-Member and Re-Connect with mystery of the compassionate connection that is alive in our evolving Universe, and therefore in each one of us. This awareness heals ourselves and the world in which we live. Pamela sees the core of her work as supporting people as they return to a place of their own deep internal compassionate awareness, guidance and awe of the journey.  Her mission is a planet wide return to the awe embedded in the mystery of life and the evolution of consciousness to embrace our role as cosmological co creators.   

After 20 years in the corporate world, Pamela began her journey into the symbolic languages of the mysteries of Universe.  She has studied under the direction of sociologist, teacher and visionary cosmologist Dr. Pamela Eakins Ph. D. at The Pacific Center,a western mystery school since 1994. As a symbologist she holds a certification in Tarot Counseling conferred in 1997 and the degree of Qabalah Master conferred in 1999, with a focus on the unfolding Cosmology expressed in this ancient tradition. The Qabalah expressed through the diagram of the Tree Of Life, when properly illuminated, provides an exquisite and eternally accurate map of human consciousness.

She is certified in Alchemical Dream Work, and can assist you as you discover and unlock your emotional patterns to the symbolic Universe in which you live. She is also an experienced guide in the ancient art and symbolic science of Astrology and can assist in the integration of your birth chart. She has devoted over 20 years to the study of the transpersonal astrology of the Cosmos.

In order to bring her life more fully into alignment with the beauty and truth and of many ancient traditions, Pamela entered a life of ordained service in 1999 after completing her three year studies at the interfaith, nondenominational seminary of the International Church of Ageless Wisdom.  

She completed her degree in Visionary Cosmology and is a contributor to the Pamela Eakins Pacific Center for Visionary Cosmology. Pamela continues her studies in many traditions to deepen her relationship to the diverse languages of the Cosmic mystery of life on Earth  Her mission is a planet wide return to the awe embedded in this mystery and the evolution of  a Cosmic consciousness that embraces our role as Cosmological co-creators.   Her joy is dreamwork, poetry, and the transformational symbology of the mystery that is alive and moving all around us.

May you rejoice and celebrate in the joy of Becoming and Being

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