“Come, Come, whoever you are wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving— it doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come even if you have broken you vow a hundred times. Come, come again, come. ” –Rumi

***The Cosmological Power of Renewal Of the Deep Imagination in the Kabalistic Tree of Life:The Evolutionary Astrology of the 10 Cosmological Powers of the Tree of Life***

At the heart of the Universe is a flow of energy that facilitates the Radiance, Renewal, Regeneration and Re-Enchantment of the Universe, our planet and our beings. Come explore and experience this healing knowledge. With the Tree of Life as the map of  Cosmological and human consciousness we will use the language of the planets, the zodiac, and the seasons to celebrate and renew our beings with weekly step-by-step meditations and healing affirmations on each Sign of the sign of the Zodiac. You will be lead into a deeper and deeper understanding of the Ten Powers of  the Evolution our Universe  embedded in the Tree of Life . Moment by moment, you will move more deeply into alignment with the Resilient Nature of the Cosmos. It is your birthright. Contact Pamela for more information about the Astrology of the Ten Powers of the Tree of LifeTalking

***Talking to The Cosmos***
Your Dance Of Self As Cosmos revealed in your Birth Chart
Your Personal Journey Into A Life Of Radiant Intuitive Intelligence.

You are Universe experiencing the properties of its own existence 

Discover a clearer understanding of your needs in your personal relationship to others and our living Cosmos on Earth in your birth chart.

Discover  a clear understanding of centering and balancing in your being
your creative potential  in your life’s work.

Discover the orderly morphogenetic archetypal patterns of the evolution of your life
You  are guided along a path of transformation to your Emerging Cosmological Identity. 

Talking to the Cosmos A year long journey through your Birth Chart
Understanding the Universe evolving in you

May- Space The Creative Field of Your Life:  Fate and Destiny revealed in the Circumstances, Conditions, Possibilities of your life. The language and expression of the creative elements expressed in the language of Astrology, that make up the morphogenic fields of the Cosmos in your birth chart.  

June: Stepping into Earthshine. Walking in The Power of Radiance on Earth, found in your Part of Fortune, sometimes called Fortuna. Your radiant, reflective, creative nature of this lifetime.  

July: Activating Your Reflective Power To CoCreate; Your Moon. The Cosmological Power of Absorption,  Your capacity to adjust and change, to achieve balance and harmony; the ability to give and receive nurturance.

August: Enhancing your Effectiveness:  Branding Your Revelations Mercury, The Cosmological Power of Symbolization, the ability to discern, connect, integrate and communicate information for your evolution.

September: Activating Your Evolutionary Vision.  Venus, The Cosmological Power of Transmutation expressed in the cycles of Venus . The magnetic capacity to attract, assimilate and transform the world in which you live. 

October: Finding Your Tribe- The Sun, The Cosmological Power of Synergy  A  conscious identity capable of synchronistic centering and balancing in groups and individually in order to realize creative potential.

November: Courage:  Your Brave Heart  The Cosmological Power of Cataclysm Mars, the courage to initiate and take action to transform and renew resources to achieve the highest creative potential.

January: Finding Your Stability and Security. The Cosmological Power of Stabilization represented by the cycles of the planet Jupiter. the ability to assimilate the power of origin and reach for all that is possible.

February: Activating Your Imagination and Creativity – Saturn.  The cycles, capacity and drive of the Power of Creative Emergence to create and modify form.

March: Activating Your Deepest Desires And Attraction – The cycles of the planet Uranus representing electrifying energy of the Power of Attraction and self expression of the Cosmos in you. 

April:  You are the original/originating Universe.  Centration, the emergence of the creative elements that make up the Cosmos in our birth charts.  Th planet Pluto, representing the elemental powers and cycles of birth, death and evolution of the Power of Centration.

May: Entering the New Dimension of The Power Of Cosmological Consciousness of Becoming
Your personal experience of the great mystery of co-creation in the cycles of the planet Neptune.

 Contact Pamela for more information about Astrological Symbolism and workshops.

May your connection with Spirit be deep and unending.

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