Rev. Pamela Wylie: Teacher, Guide and Celebrant Welcomes You 

“A possibility was born the day you were born and it will live only as long as you live”

Marcus Solero

The Empowered Cosmological Heart

Love lives and flows from the heart of the Cosmos to our hearts as the creative Powers of Radiance, Regenertaion, Renewal and Re-enchantment.
Re-Member and Re-Connect with mystery of the compassionate connection that is alive and evolving our Universe, and therefore in each one of us.
This awareness heals ourselves and the world in which we live.
You are, first and foremost, a citizen of the Cosmos, and a citizen of a creative life!                                               

Classes In Cosmological Cycles
The Cosmological Cycle of Radiance through the poetry of Astrology; Talking to the Cosmos.

* The Cosmological Cycle of Renewal through the Deep Imagination in Kabalistic The Tree of Life
* The Cosmological Cycle of Regeneration in the poetry of the Tarot
* The Cosmological Cycle of   Re-enchanment in the Intelligence of Cosmos embedded in the Seasons  Falling in love with the world again, our sentient Earth as  Gaia.

Celebrate Your Sacred Nature 

Empower Your Cosomlogical Heart 

Pamela Wylie’s teachings focus on the radiant Sun of compassion found at the heart of Kabalistic the Tree of Life. Kabalah means to “receive.” To receive means that one opens up to receive  this sacred knowledge.  From a spiritual perspective the Tree provides an ancient and deep understanding of the unfoldment of the mystery of the compassionate connection of the soul to the Universe. This understanding allows us to tap into the 10 Powers of the Cosmos deeply imbedded in the Kabalah. The Tree when properly understood provides an exquisite and eternally accurate map of human consciousness past, present or future.   We awaken to the heartfelt, compassionate connection of the celebration of life that is our birthright.  


Pamela offers Consultations, Spiritual Private Counseling and Classes: 


*Cosmological Tree of Life

*Cosmological Astrology




*The Spiritual Path

*Spiritual Mentorship


May your life be blessed with Beauty, Harmony and Happiness.